British Swim School Teaching Your Youngest Kids to Swim!

Julie, blogger for My Mundane and Miraculous Life, shares her experience with British Swim School’s child swim lessons.

When my kids were born, I figured they’d love the water as much as I do. Well, my oldest has sensory processing disorder and he hates bath time, let alone pools. And as much as I hate to admit defeat, I needed someone to give him swimming lessons, other than myself. I found a swim school that even my youngest son could participate in at only a couple months old.

“I really loved that the focus was on teaching the littlest ones survival skills. It’s all about getting kids to instinctively position themselves to pop up after falling in and float.”

“My kids grew leaps and bounds with their comfort level in the water. The instructors made everything SO fun! Half of the class time was intentionally play time so that the kids would get used to water without even knowing it! It was just what they needed.”


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