We Are Here To Support You

We here at British Swim School headquarters know that a franchise cannot be sustained without support. That being said, we make it our mission to provide anything and everything that a franchise owner needs. We provide in-depth training as well as ongoing support once your British Swim School is up and running. We want you to succeed.
On-Going Support

Our franchise owners will validate that the support is comprehensive, consistent, and a focus for the entire organization. Ongoing support is based upon each and every franchise owner’s specific needs.


Training will consist of 10 days at our corporate headquarters in Virginia Beach including training for both the business management and marketing side, as well as aquatics training.

Field Support

The support team is always available to you by phone or email. They will also schedule frequent site visits with each franchise owner so you can receive the best support possible!

Annual Meetings

We host annual meetings so the whole British Swim School family can come together and learn! Don’t worry, we throw some fun in there too. And most importantly, you’ll be able to visit and collaborate with your fellow franchise owners.

“What I like best about the business model is [the] small initial investment. [It’s] a very low risk to get started, versus going out and spending a million dollars to build a pool.”

-Becky Grindle, Franchise Owner

Our Support Team

Brian Garrison

Brian Garrison serves as President for British Swim School. He had an extensive first career serving our country in the United States Navy before entering the franchise industry. Brian graduated from the Naval Academy, after which he served 22 years as a Naval officer, focused in naval aviation. He is also a former management consultant with McKinsey & Co, where he focused on strategy and operations in a variety of industries and corporate settings. He enjoys running, biking, hiking and watching his two kids out on the sports fields. Originally from Massachusetts, Brian is a die-hard Boston sports fan and, like a true Navy captain, enjoys a good single malt scotch.

Mike Conlon

Mike Conlon is the Chief Operations Officer for British Swim School, and has been with the company since 2014. Conlon takes the lead on the day to day franchise operations and commercial activities. He has proven to be a dedicated and positive leader who facilitates growth, positive transition and performance improvement. Conlon is able to leverage his cross-functional background to provide the best support for our franchisees at British Swim School.

Melissa McGarvey

Melissa has served as our Aquatics Vice President since 2017. Prior to that, she was with Good Life Fitness, Ontario, where she served as their Pool Operations Manager for 13 years. Melissa was recently promoted to Vice Present of Operations for British Swim School in May 2019.

Steven Waterhouse

Steven joined British Swim School in 2012 just as we started franchising. Since then he has helped to develop many aspects of the business, particularly in the marketing, technology and franchise sales functions. Steven has also been the General Manager for several corporate units, including our first unit in Canada and was part of British Swim School’s launch team for Turkey. Previously, Steven worked in HR and Change Management for 20 years, serving many well known global brands.

Susan Berger

Susan Berger joined British Swim School in November 2015 and has served as our Director of Learning ever since. Susan is a Business Administrator, with an MBA in franchising operations. She has worked in the franchising industry for over 30 years, beginning as a franchisor, then as a franchise consultant for companies implementing the franchise system, as well as franchisors looking to improve their operations.

Elyse Kelly

Elyse Kelly joined British Swim School in May 2017 as Director of Location Services. With a degree in business management, Elyse has an extensive background in HR, operations and logistics. Prior to that, she served as a human resource manager for the Target Corporation.

Getting Your Name Out There

Marketing is a very important aspect of opening a new British Swim School franchise. The community has to know that your new, amazing opportunity for the children exists. We will help you market your business and take the first steps towards making yourself known in your neighborhood.


While you’re working hard and advertising locally for your location, we are constantly marketing the brand nationally to benefit all of our locations. This includes things like digital brand awareness camapigns, print ads, loyalty program developmeent, etc.

Local Marketing

Local marketing is a great way to spread the word about your business! People like to do business with people, and getting out in the community is key. The marketing team will help guide you in all of your local marketing efforts.

Public Relations

Maintaining a positive image in the eyes of your local community is integral to running a successful British Swim School. Boost your reputation through public relations, and customers will flock.

Direct Mail

Sending out direct mail cards is essential to letting the community know about your British Swim School. With our tools and resources, we’re able to target households with children who may be interested in our services.

Digital Marketing

Making your web presence known is an essential part of marketing! Announcing events, promotions, and making the community aware of your British Swim School through online channels and social media is an important step towards your success.

Local Events

Participating in local events within your community is incredibly important for getting your British Swim School’s name out in the open. Showing people you care about their local happenings, will attract them to your business.


Blogging is an excellent way to get wonderful reviews posted about your British Swim School online for free. We offer free classes for parents who have popular blogs if they agree to review the classes in which they participate.