Avoid burning out when there’s so much on your plate. Rita Goldberg talks about how to finish the year strong with Inc.com

Every business professional is used to refreshing their personal and business goals and aspirations every year. With this case at hand, motivating yourself at the beginning of the year is not a challenge, but what about the end of the year? What about when all your goals and aspirations you had early in the year wear off? How do you keep your energy up while juggling responsibilities of running your business while also taking care of your customers, suppliers, and staff? How does an individual learn how to sustain their motivation at the end of the year and finish off strong?

These questions are answered in an interview with seven entrepreneurs featured on Inc.com and Rita Goldberg, CEO and Founder of British Swim School, is one of them.

“I am passionate about my company, as I have good fortune to be a part of a business that is truly lifesaving. That passion rarely wanes and it encourages me to always be looking to find the next connection or approach to share our important message with today’s Millennial consumers, who have a much different approach to their life than the consumers I knew when we first began our business in the 80’s. Additionally, I’m motivated by our dedicated franchises who are always eager to aim higher and better their communities. Their hard work and love for the brand is a key component in our success.”

Apart from setting a successful strategic direction for British Swim School, Goldberg knows the challenge that comes with doing it all. The seven entrepreneurs featured in this article develop, market, and sell. They also hire, fire, and inspire. They keep the books, stock shelves, and process paperwork. Staying motivated to succeed in all aspects of your business is key and Rita Goldberg’s passion is what keeps her motivated.

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