Now more than ever, backyard swimming pools have become an outdoor oasis for families with stay at home orders in place. But without the proper safety measures, backyard swimming pools can be a drowning danger zone, and a potential COVID-19 catastrophe waiting to happen. With so many families stuck at home and looking for outdoor activities, British Swim School launched Backyard Swimming Pool Patrol, a safety initiative to prevent drownings.

“We created the Backyard Swimming Pool Patrol because right now there are no swim lessons or in-person CPR classes. With social distancing, there are fewer people around to watch the kids. Parents are stressed and multitasking, yet they must be more vigilant than ever to prevent backyard drownings,” says Melissa McGarvey, National Aquatics Director for British Swim School, a swim school franchise launched in England in 1981, then later brought to American and Canada, and eventually rolled out to more than 200 locations, with local owners and instructors. “Whether it’s a kiddie pool filled with a mere foot of water, or an aboveground or underground pool, the backyard is a drowning danger zone, and parents must stay alert at all times.”

The campaign has received media coverage from news outlets across the country! Watch as our franchise owners and local safety professionals explain our Backyard Swimming Pool Patrol campaign and share water safety tips to protect families from preventable drowning tragedies.


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