In a city where “cooler by the lake” is part of the daily forecast, getting the littlest citizens swimming is a must.

Get your guppies going with classes catered to them—even babies barely sitting up on their own can join in on the fun. These swim schools focus on everything from playful instruction to competitive training, all properly tailored to a child’s development. Click through for six worth checking out now to keep that outdoor swim season momentum going.

British Swim School:

The Lure: Kids learn to back-float first, because teachers profess that it’s the ideal survival skill, allowing the swimmer to reserve energy, breathe and cry out for help. Check out the video on their website of wee ones diving and rolling onto their backs as easily as baby belugas.

The Plunge: Classes meet in fitness centers and residential buildings downtown, including Fitness Formula Club in the Gold Coast and LA Fitness in the South Loop. There are several suburban locations, too. If locker rooms aren’t available, the school brings changing tents.

To learn more about British Swim School, click here.